An Interferometric scanning microwave microscope and calibration method for subf-F microwave measurements

Three-dimensional finite-element simulations of a scanning microwave microscope cantilever for imaging at the nanoscale



Calibrated complex impedance and permitivity measurements with scanning microwave microscopy

High speed e-beam lithography for gold nanoarray fabrication and use in nanotechnology

Quantitative impedence characterization of sub-10 nm scale capacitors and tunnel junctions with an interferometric scanning microwave microscope



Charge-order domain walls with enhanced conductivity in a layered manganite

Modeling and de-embedding the interferometric scanning microwave microscopy by means of dopant

Probing resistivity and doping concentration of semiconductors at the nanoscale using scanning microwave microscopy



Microwave imaging at the nanoscale: quantitative measurements for semiconductor devices, materials science and bio-applications

An advanced impedence calibration method for nanoscale microwave imaging

Nanoscale dielectric microscopy of non-planar samples bu lift-mode electrostatic force microscopy

A 17 GHz molecular rectifier

Calibrated complex impedance of CHO cells and E. coli bacteria at GHz frequencies using scanning microwave microscopy

Nanoscale Electric Permittivity of Single Bacterial Cells at Gigahertz Frequencies by Scanning Microwave Microscopy

Internal Hydration Properties of Single Bacterial Endospores Probed by Electrostatic Force Microscopy

De-embedding techniques for nanoscale characterization of semiconductors by scanning microwave microscopy

A broadband toolbox for scanning microwave microscopy transmission measurements

Scanning microwave microscopy techniques for nanoscale characterization of magnetic materials



Full-wave broadband modeling ofnear field scanning microwave microscopy 

Frequency Analysis of Dopant Profiling and Capacitance Spectroscopy Using Scanning Microwave Microscopy

Calibrated nanoscale dopant profiling and capacitance of a high-voltage lateral MOS transistor at 20 GHz using scanning Microwave Microscopy

Nondestructive imaging of atomically thinnanostructures buried in silicon